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Penny Fiction is open to all new, emerging, and established writers. 

We seek flash fiction stories told in exactly 15 words—no more, no less.

One submission per author, per reading period. Multiple stories per submission encouraged.

No previously published works.

Penny Fiction submissions are welcome in three reading periods:

December/January, March/April, June/July

Expect a decision within 30 days of the close of each reading period.

See full guidelines below.


$3.00 per published piece.

(That’s a professional rate of .20 cents per word— enough for a fresh brewed cup of coffee

to enjoy while reading the next edition of Penny Fiction Pages!)


All entries accepted via Submittable.

Free to submit!


Tell us story in exactly 15 words—no more, no less. Extra points will be awarded for those writers who adhere to the guidelines. Not really. There are no points. Just read the guidelines below and impress Penny with your ability to follow instructions.

The Lovely Submission:

  1. One submission per author, per reading period. (Contributors are encouraged to submit multiple stories in a single file, but may only transmit one submission per reading period.) One story is fine. Four is cool. Twenty is borderline obnoxious. We like obnoxious! Just remember: a single submission with multiple stories!

  2. Each Penny is a short story told in exactly 15 words—no more, no less. Titles are not included in word count, but should not be an extension of the story.

  3. No theme requirements. Looking for inspiration? Follow Penny Fiction on Facebook for prompts and inspiration.

  4. No poetry, tag lines, or jokes.  

  5. Previously unpublished works only.

  6. If you make an error during the submission process, Please DO NOT withdraw your submission and resubmit. Contact HWP for corrections. We are happy to assist.

The Dreadful Cover Letter:

  1. Include one interesting fact about yourself in 13 words or less.

  2. Undertakers and cat herders earn extra points.

  3. If we do not find you interesting, we reserve the right to make you appear more interesting.

  4. No long lists of previously published works. No cut ‘n paste author bios.

  5. Confused? Download a free copy of one our past issues and check out “The Lovely Pennies.”

Penny Fiction Flash Fiction Reading Periods
December (2016)/January, March/April, June/July