From the Depths a story will rise.
Open Calls for Submissions
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Theme:  Backroads & Porch Swings (working title) see theme description below.
Media:  Digital/Print

Publication Date:  Fall 2015
Reading Period:  Free Reading Period January 1-May 31 2015, Year Round via the Tip Jar

Submission Options:  Free via our Online Submission Manager or Expedited Decision via The Tip Jar

About the journal…
From the Depths is the annual literary journal of Haunted Waters Press. Featuring works of prose, poetry and creative nonfiction, the journal is released in the fall of each year. Described as “one of the most compelling and beautifully illustrated literary journals,” From the Depths was created to showcase and celebrate the writing of both emerging and established authors.

2015 Theme Requirements…
Haunted Waters Press is currently seeking works of fiction and poetry for the 2015 issue of our literary journal, From the Depths.  The collection will feature works depicting a slice of life in rural America. Think small towns, isolated communities, backroads, and farm country. Draw upon hometown childhood memories to bring us coming of age stories and life lessons learned the hard way.  Captivate us with the romance and simplicity of country living. Think fresh linens hanging on the line, cows in the pasture, sweet tea, and endless rows of corn. Take us along to county fairs, swimming holes, and roadside vegetable stands.  Bring us subtle Midwestern tales of lives rooted in soil.  Show us the other side of the tracks with darker fiction inspired by the great Southern Gothic and Country Noir storytellers.  Most of all, take us back to the places that haunt our memories and call us home.

Authors receive exposure only with promotional marketing assistance including PDF sell sheets for emailing and custom artwork for social media and websites. No monetary payment.

Authors must be 18 years of age or older to submit to Haunted Waters Press. You must also be the sole author of the work submitted and own the rights to the work. Unagented and agented works are subject to the same review process and guidelines.

Submission Options...
Our free five month reading period extends from January 1st through May 31st. Tip Jar submissions are accepted year round.

Submission & Formatting Guidelines:

  1. We seek fiction of 7500 words or less, flash fiction, and poetry. Works of fiction over 7500 words should be submitted directly to the HWP Chapbook Series.

  2. Previously unpublished works only.

  3. Epigraphs, as well as quoted lyrics and other writings, must be accompanied by a release from the copyright holder.

  4. One active submission per contributor.

  5. Up to four works may be submitted as a single submission/single document.

  6. Simultaneous Submissions are only accepted via The Tip Jar for expedited decision.

  7. Cover Letter — Please include:    

  8. Contact information

  9. Title of work(s)

  10. Total word count or line count for poetry

  11. A brief three to four sentence author’s bio as you would like it to appear upon publication.

  12. Formatting

  13. Acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, PDF

  14. Clean and easy to read: double spaced, readable font, white pages, black type

  15. Poetry formatted as you would like it to appear.

  16. To ensure blind review, please do not include author information within the submission file.

  17. Please spellcheck and proofread your submission.

Thank you. We look forward to reading your work.

Ready to submit?




Thank you for considering Haunted Waters Press. Our expected response time is under 30 days. The best way to find out if Haunted Waters Press can provide  the best showcase for your work is to read an issue of From the Depths or browse our online literary content. Thank you again. We look forward to reading your work.



As part of our goal to expand our offerings to both our readers and our contributors, Haunted Waters Press is pleased to announce that our literary journal

From the Depths will be offered as an annual publication in 2015.

Check back here for new projects and publishing opportunities.

The 2015 Penny Fiction contest will be held in three rounds. Round One begins November 1st, 2014 and ends upon receipt of 200 submissions. Subsequent rounds to be announced.

Theme: “Backroads & Porch Swings” Rurally themed short stories told in exactly 21 words.

Media: Digital/Print

Publication Date: From the Depths, Fall 2015

Contest Dates: Round One Opens November 1st. Closes at 200 submissions. Subsequent rounds TBA.

Submission Options: Submissions accepted via Submittable only. No email submissions.

Haunted Waters Press editor, Penny Dreadful, is selecting exceptionally small works of flash fiction to be showcased in Penny Fiction, a regular feature of the literary journal, From the Depths. Stories may also appear in the Penny Fiction Poster Collection.  In keeping with the 2015 theme featuring works which depict a slice of life in rural America, tell us story in exactly 21 words—no more, no less. Extra points will be awarded for those writers who adhere to the rules. Not really. There are no points. Just read the contest rules below and impress Penny with your ability to follow instructions.

Penny Fiction 2015 Contest Rules: (Please read carefully as our rules have changed.)

The Lovely Submission:

  1. One Submittable submission per author, per round. (Contributors may submit multiple stories/entries in a single submission, but may only transmit one submission per round.)

  2. Each Penny Fiction entry is a short story told in exactly 21 words. No more. No less. Titles not included in word count, but must not be an extension of the story.

  3. Rurally themed works only. (See From the Depths 2015 Call for Submissions)

  4. No poetry, tag lines, or jokes. Horror, erotica, sci-fi, and fantasy are not suitable for this theme. 

  5. Previously unpublished works only.

  6. If you make an error during the submission process, DO NOT withdraw your entry and resubmit. Resubmitted works will not be considered. Contact HWP for corrections. We are happy to assist.

The Dreadful Cover Letter:

  1. Include one interesting fact about yourself in under 13 words.

  2. Undertakers and cat herders earn extra points.

  3. If we do not find you interesting, we reserve the right to make you appear more interesting.

  4. No long lists of previously published works. No cut ‘n paste author bios.

Extra Penny Points:

  1. Follow @PennyFiction and @HauntedWaters on Twitter.

  2. Like Penny Dreadful and Haunted Waters Press on Facebook.

The Lovely Fine Print:

  1. Penny Fiction is a “for the love of flash” project. Authors receive exposure only, no monetary payment. Not even a penny. Haunted Waters Press holds electronic and print publishing rights for ninety days following publication and non-exclusive print, electronic and archival rights forever. Copyright remains with the author. Entry is taken to be acceptance of these conditions and rules. Winning authors will sign an Author’s Agreement. Yay for publishing contracts!

Ready to submit?