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MEET Beau Lee Gambold

Beau is a Texas-born, Mississippi-raised, Charlottesville-based fiction writer. He worked for the first Obama campaign, served in the Peace Corps in Thailand, and has an MFA from Columbia University. With his wedding celebration postponed due to Covid, he and his wife Sara are spending the fall of 2020 bike-camping across the US. Beau’s first novel is No Bloody Moon, a literary epic about hubris, hope, and genetic engineering — the manuscript is currently in its final drafts, and he hopes you’ll get to read it soon.

Something Worth Reading An Interview with Beau Lee Gambold
2020 Haunted Waters Press Award for Fiction

"Erwin’s cat explained: you take a cat, you put it in a box. So far, so good." Beau Lee Gambold, From the Depths, 2020
From the Depths 2020 Issue #18

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