can we talk?

by Tiffany Dillon

arms spread apart,
set akimbo.
lifted towards you in truth.
here lies this reckoning moment,
an appointment we can no longer avoid.

father time watched patiently as we overused the snooze button.
truths deferred for yet another day.
mustered courage set for a future we both dreaded.
picked over over potential
dismissed as “some day.”

the snooze button is a put upon house-maiden,
counting down her last patient straws.
smile plastered whilst shoved up against the ropes.
her patience a razzie performance.
coming apart by the second,
revealing a falling veil.

arms spread apart,
set akimbo.
lifted toward you in vulnerability.
i stand before you
with an empty stomach stuffed up with all the words that hang between us.
“can we talk?”
echoes out under a stolen breath.

somewhere in the distance,
father time nods approvingly.
his patience was lent to us with knowing grace
while we imprisoned ourselves in avoidance.


Tiffany is an Intuitive Mentor, Writer, and Teacher currently residing in Ojai, California. As owner of The Perfectly Wise (an online Lifestyle, Wellness, and Personal Coaching brand), Tiffany supports her peers in healing difficult pain points, achieving high-vibrational goals, and revealing the inner, powerful creating artist that was always resting inside of them. When she isn't teaching, you can find her in the park with a good book, sandwich, and a hot cup of tea.

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