Memories tickled and taunted and told us how to feel
It was a time not long ago, a fairy tale time, when all clocks stopped

Happiness and sadness were threads, some thick, some thin, all intertwined
The land was loud and luscious, filled with pears too fat to stay fettered to trees

Thoughts ran wild, beasts freed of their masters lowing and longing for home
There were no red lights, lost puppy posters, or broken down busses

Ideas became mica compressed into silver layers
During the fairy tale we spent our days climbing soft cliffs of cream

Plans were unfolded, fresh laundry bleached of dirty fingers and sloppy tears
There was no such thing as day or night. You were there then, laughing

Desire was a goddess with fingers curling forever, curling forever toward herself
Your skin was warm, the color of sand coated in the salt of the sea

Reasons were like coins no longer in circulation, umbrellas punched with holes
Wind too lazy to visit, encouraged the trees to get drunk on their own gibberellins

Decisions were sharp knives that cut the whole to pieces
We sealed ourselves up and our skin released oil before the rains fell


Laura Rose is a professional photographer and artist living in Boulder, CO. specializing in black and white studio portraits and mixed media collage. Choosing poetry as her 3rd art form was a perfect fit since it also combines technique and tradition with developing a personal signature. In her free time Laura indulges in dancing, travel and spending undisciplined time with her two children.

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