After the Concert by Bobby Sidna Hart

After the Concert

After the Concert

by Bobby Sidna Hart

Billy Joel
at the Coliseum
“A bottle of red
A bottle of white”
Standing ovation
Obliging encore
Parking lot traffic
Now for pancakes
at midnight
Laughing, buzzed
“Wasn’t he great!”
Coffee refills
It’s two a.m.
Drive to the edge
of Lover’s Leap
Remember when?
We chuckle
Did Billy Joel see
how old we’ve become?


Bobby Sidna Hart resides with her husband in Davie County, North Carolina, and has lived in NC for over 40 years. She has been creating with words since grammar school. Her first published poem, The Trip, was written when she was 15 years old. Poetry is her favorite form of artistic expression. Bobby's first self-published book of poetry and short stories, The Beautiful Strange, is forthcoming in 2022.

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  1. Love the beautiful art accompanying this sweet poem! Captures the spirit so beautifully!

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