From the Depths Issue 15

Then they found the stories, the Stones akin to an outdoor archive: who died early, stayed late. Whole families wiped out in a week, but a surprising number of centenarians. The quality of the funerary art, both tawdry and moving, mapped a family’s fortunes, affections, traditions.Quiet Neighbors by Steve Patterson

The 15th issue of From the Depths features a collection of short stories, poetry, and Penny Fiction with works from Steve Patterson, Samantha Pilecki, Nicole Jean Turner, Tod M. Leaven, Loren Moreno, Courtney LeBlanc, Mary Riley, Melanie Smith, Kendra Cardin, Creighton Blinn, Janice Fuller, Rachel Tramonte, Stephanie Hutton, Thomas Mooney, Sarah Bradley, Robert Schuster, Sofia Oumhani Benbahmed, Pat Phillips West, S. J. Byrd, Joe Bogle, Carol Dunn, Kevin Z. Garvey, Lionel Ray Green, North Medhat, Angelica Esquivel, Meredith Katz, Blake Benson, Laurie Brown-Pressly, Celia Daniels, Monica Wang, Delia Louise Parks, Sarah Hutchins, Samuel R. George, Tim Collins, Gerrard Lipscombe, Minja Ruzic and Intesar Toufic. Enjoy!


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