Entangled in the book’s enthralling world, you
lay upon your bed reading a mystery, eye-
glasses angled on the end of your nose. You
beatified both the reader and the read—modelling
the peaceful joy of quiet contemplation, of vast
exploration while perfectly at rest. I watched from
the doorway, not wishing to interrupt, neither your
wonderment nor mine: witness to a sacred act.
I read my rhyming books, not yet ready for
the stories of yours but already eager to be
both sender and receiver of the page-borne magic,
a spinner of spells as well as the spellbound soul
wound in the works. You lauded my first novel
and offered ideas for sequels: ingots of gold.

About the Author

Ted Morrissey’s poetry had always been in the service of his prose, but in 2016 he began writing the “Laertes Sequence,” sonnets addressed to his father, who passed away suddenly in 2013. Other sonnets in the sequence have appeared or are forthcoming in the tiny journal, Bellevue Literary Review, and Prime Numbers Magazine. His most recent novel is Mrs Saville (2018).


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