To See the Elephants


Slip the twenty back in his wallet


No, grandpa, Eddie.

I should plow the fields today.

–Pillbox. Water. Count the pills.
2 round pills. Left shoe. Velcro. Swallow.
1 oval pill. Right shoe. Velcro. Swallow.
1 large white pill—


No, grandpa, Eddie.

Tell Charlotte I want to play cards tonight.

—Re-button shirt. Fix Collar. Swallow.
2 small red pills. Comb hair. Dab cologne. Swallow.
Cane. Hoist. Buckle pants. Steady.
Locked arms. Yard—

Charlie, are we going to the circus?

It’s Eddie, grandpa.

I want to see the elephants.

Maybe later, grandpa.

—Small outing. Shuffle.
Back inside. Rocking chair. Prepare lunch. Soup.
Turn on the fights. Velcro. Right shoe. Slipper.
Clean glasses. Velcro. Left shoe. Slipper.
Adjust volume. Blanket. Hand—


Yes, grandpa.
—Twenty dollars.
For your birthday tomorrow.
Before I forget.

About the Author

Originally from Ohio, Eddie Fogler currently lives in Virginia with his husband and two spoiled dogs. He recently received his MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University and is currently working on his first YA novel. In his free time and bouts of procrastination from writing, he enjoys reading, coffee, wine, a good Tequila Sunrise, and jamming to the 80s (often in that order).


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