space / time / you / and my mind by Tyler Smiley

space / time / you / and my mind

space / time / you / and my mind

by Tyler Smiley

we’ve been slipped
under the tongue of time
a tab slowly fading
as the hands chime
to the unbeknownst
rising and falling
of both dawn and dusk
mimicking the chests
that have had miles
placed between the beats
though their echoes of one
another still remain
a longing lullaby
kissing the lips of a wind
that will carry the tune
across the sun
and past the moon
and i’ll feel my bones whisper
as they let me know
that he’s still here
yet nowhere
like dust upon
a wooden shelf
inside and
in between
like the lingering loose thread
of an old oil stained shirt
captured and remembered
like brown-eyed polaroids
claiming their space on
a shadowed nightstand
close enough to touch
but still out of arm's reach
until one day the miles
eventually dissipate
and the hourglass
finally runs dry


Tyler Smiley is a publishing assistant and poet residing in Virginia, with her work being featured in Ink Babies Literary Magazine and Haunted Waters Press. Earning both a B.A. and M.A. in English, writing is one of the most important aspects in her life. If interested, you can find more of her work on her Instagram, @tylersmileypoetry.

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